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Professor Michael Eraut

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Professor Michael Eraut, University of Sussex

Learning during the first few years of post-graduation employment

Implications for professional training at Surrey


The seminar provided an opportunity for those involved in professional training to consider the results of an ESRC-funded 3.5 year longitudinal study of graduate trainee engineers, newly qualified hospital nurses and trainee accountants to examine early career learning at work. The study looks at what is being learned, how it is being learned and the main factors affecting learning in the workplace.


Focusing on the first year of learning in the professional environment, the seminar will consider:

  • discourses about knowing in work and HE settings
  • the main types of work processes that regularly give rise to learning
  • the main learning activities within these processes
  • the arrangements that support learning
  • and the means by which learners come to understand how well they are learning
  • the importance of responsibility in building confidence
  • and the formation of professional identity


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Lecture handout.doc


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